Our Mission

As the team at Polleo has come together and continued to grow, we all had one main focus for the company. We want to bring the types of IT services that we had individually been providing to large national and international companies to the small and medium sized business market. We wanted to provide the opportunity for that market to experience the technology that the big businesses had the large budget.

Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t feel that they are large enough to have an internal IT resource or team, and most of them are right. But to take it a step further, they shouldn’t be concerned with housing their own servers, having someone support those physical machines and worried about whether a hard drive might go out in that machine or paying hourly for an MSP to replace parts and restoring data. You should be focused on your mission, your business goals, and not the risks that can come with IT.

Getting those enterprise-level services could be as simple as having a full blown Microsoft Exchange environment for your workforce. Whether you have 5 employees, 50 employees or more, you can provide them an email experience with full calendar capability and collaboration with your employees without the full expense of MS Exchange licensing and server cost.

You might be a small business, but you no longer have to feel like you are too small to have a large business infrastructure. All of the cloud services become a budgeted operating expense for you, rather than having unexpected capital expenses. Bring your growing business to the next level by thinking about cloud services before investing in an infrastructure that you can’t support on your own.