Chandler | Software Developer

“It takes great detail and dedication to build the right software solutions for our clients. I do the best I can daily so our clients reap the rewards of a great solution.”

When Chandler joined Polleo in 2012, he brought the much needed software development experience Polleo was seeking to provide to their clients. On any given day, you can find Chandler tirelessly designing, developing and implementing custom applications for many of Polleo’s new and existing clients.

Chandler is resourceful and is truly the fingers and mind behind Polleo’s custom application development. In fact, he built Polleo’s very own quote management tool. He is experienced in fleshing out new, fresh content and usable applications. Where Chandler really excels is testing and retesting software applications. This provides Polleo’s clients with a successful launch beyond the cloud.

When his fingers aren’t busy coding, Chandler is playing chords on his guitar. He spins classic country music —and does so proudly with a smile. He likes to play pool and dabbles in online gaming. Chandler is a 2012 DeVry University graduate.

  • The fingers and mind behind Polleo’s custom software
  • Will test and retest until someone yells “Uncle”
  • Is a “hpptster” by trade and a “hipster” with a guitar