SaaS provider looks for better results

The Challenge

AddressTwo is a fast-growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Based in Indianapolis, the company has more than 5,000 users all across the country. These users run their businesses on AddressTwo. They use the online service to communicate with prospects and customers and manage projects.

Previously, AddressTwo was hosted with a company who just rented them server space with no additional advice or assistance. That was fine when AddressTwo was small, but as they grew, they knew they needed someone who could take them beyond basic cloud computing and into a solution that included a comprehensive data continuity plan and improved processing speed.

Because AddressTwo is so integral to so many businesses, speed is critical. Small business owners didn’t have patience or time to wait for sluggish pages to load. Unfortunately, AddressTwo slowed to a crawl during peak usage. Major customers even said that if AddressTwo couldn’t fix the speed problem, they’d have to cancel their accounts. “We chose Polleo Systems because we needed someone who could do more than just rent us a box,” said Nick Carter, owner of AddressTwo. “They make data continuity a no-brainer, and we knew they were going to be able to give us real, honest advice about our server setup.”

The Solution

Even though Nick and the AddressTwo team knew they needed to make a change, it was tough to make the leap to a new cloud hosting provider. “The last time we changed providers, it was a two day process and it did not go smoothly. We were very worried about the costs of moving.”

Polleo Systems understood how important it was to keep the stress and downtime to a minimum during the server change. Weeks before the switch date, we performed a backup, duplicated AddressTwo’s current server, including all of its settings, configurations and applications. AddressTwo had all the time they needed to test the system and make sure it was going to meet their needs. Just before going live, we performed a final data synchronization.

The Results

The benefits of moving to the new server were immediate and unmistakable. “The speed issues disappeared without adding stress to the server. We came to find out that the slowdowns were related to the data center, not to our box. We’d been trying to solve the problem for months without realizing the network was the problem,” Carter said. That meant previously unhappy customer stayed onboard and fell back in love with AddressTwo.

Since the switch, backup has become an automatic ongoing process. Because they don’t need to outsource their cloud backup to another company, they’re saving almost 20% of their previous hosting costs.

“We got what we wanted from Polleo,” said Nick Carter. “They definitely don’t just rent us a box – they’re a true technology partner.”