Title company focuses on improving technology

The Challenge

Moore Title & Escrow¬†has been serving clients for more than a hundred years. Over the years, they’d accumulated mountains of old-fashioned paper files full of mortgage documents, deeds and other critical information. All this paper took up space and made it difficult to look up information. They had some servers with digitized files, but they were aging and unreliable. They didn’t have a strong backup plan in case those rickety servers went down.

Additionally, Moore Title & Escrow needed a better way to pass data between its office locations in Kokomo, Frankfurt and Tipton. The offices shared critical applications like QuickBooks, but there was no easy way for everyone to access the files.

“We’d heard in the title and escrow industry that we needed to look into the cloud,” said Dick Moore, owner. “We knew we wanted to get rid of our paper files, but we knew that if our onsite servers went down, we were dead in the water. So we called Polleo Systems.”

The Solution

Polleo Systems began the process of migrating Moore Title & Escrow’s files and applications into the cloud. This process always starts with backups of all their current data, usually over a period of time so we can make sure everything’s in place for the transition. In our case, it’s a good thing we had those backups.

The Unexpected

A few days before the expected transition to the cloud, Moore Title & Escrow realized that years of data had disappeared. Copies still existed, but they could only be accessed from the county courthouse, making retrieving them time-consuming and inconvenient – something their business couldn’t afford.

“Without those records, we couldn’t have been timely when responding to customer,” said Moore. “We could have had to do these searches by hand on every transaction going back more than a decade.” Luckily, Moore remembered that Polleo Systems had started backing up their system. They called to see if any of the data could be recovered. Within a few hours, we were able to restore the data to within one day of the loss. Moore Title & Escrow was back in business. A few days later, they made the full transition to the cloud – complete with automatic backups.

The Results

It’s hard to measure how much time and money was saved by being able to recover all of Moore Title & Escrow’s lost data. But even outside of that, it’s been a big change for the better for the company. They never have to worry about losing their data again. All of their office can access QuickBooks and other cloud software, putting an end to headaches and complications.

“People in the title and escrow business keep saying they need to move to the cloud. Well, we’re already there. Having our data in the cloud means more people can connect and we don’t have to worry if something happens to our servers. We’re covered,” said Moore.