How small is too small for a cloud?

Many small and medium sized businesses don’t have an in-house IT staff. Often, they struggle to find and maintain a trusted IT advisor. So in many cases, there is a lack of knowledge about what is and isn’t possible within their environment. When it comes to understanding the cloud and whether or not it can help their business, many questions arise without anyone to answer them.

One question that’s often asked in this market is, “Am I too small for my own cloud?” Some small business owners believe that the cloud is meant only for large enterprises who can afford to build their own cloud. But what those owners may not recognize is that smaller companies are often in a perfect position to move to the cloud.

Let’s think about what makes up a small business infrastructure. A Microsoft Small Business Server might be in place to provide the company a domain controller, SharePoint and MS Exchange for corporate email. Along with this implementation they might also have one or two other servers which act as application servers (database, web, proprietary applications, HR, accounting, etc). These business owners might assume that there is either no real benefit to them for moving two or three servers into the cloud, or that there are no providers to give a focused implementation on a small architecture.

Now let’s think about what goes into having those servers in-house. Since we are talking about a fairly small company, they don’t have an internal IT for support. They are paying someone to come in to support and maintain the hardware that is in place (along with the three servers there are desktops, printers, etc). This managed service provider (MSP) is also providing help desk support for general issues. The servers are in a spare room or sitting in the back closet, certainly not proper environments for machines that are the lifeblood of your business. And let’s not even bring up the fact that the majority of these businesses have no data backup and disaster recovery plans.

Let’s take this implementation to the cloud. You can have your small business server exactly as it is today. We can take a backup of your current servers, “forklift” them directly to the cloud, and with a flip of a switch you are working the exact same way you were but now your servers aren’t in the closet. What do you automatically get with this move? Data backups! Now you continue to utilize your MSP for your outsourced help desk, but your support calls for a server crash or a bad hard drive are now non-existent.

Moving to the cloud is possible for companies of any size. Whether you are moving hundreds of servers, two servers, or deciding to move to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for some of the applications you use, the cloud is scalable and flexible to make sure your business is safe and running. With our focus on being your trusted cloud provider, we take you beyond the cloud.