FACT: Complete cloud migration is not always a perfect fit

I know you must be thinking, “A cloud provider is telling me the cloud doesn’t fit everyone’s needs”? Well, I am sort of saying that. In a time where “cloud” is the biggest buzzword in small business, a lot of people assume that if they want to make the move to the cloud (either SaaS or IaaS) that every situation within their business will fit a cloud solution. Sometimes, a basic cloud migration isn’t the right move.

Let me provide you with a real-life example from one of our existing customers. This customer owned and maintained an MS Small Business Server (SBS) in-house. They had issues with it on a weekly basis that would require reboots and put a temporary halt to work during the day. This server was being used as their domain controller, Exchange email server, and file share. There was a definite need for something that would provide them with more stability.

We worked with the client to provide an exact virtual copy of their existing SBS in our cloud environment. The transition went very smoothly and they were up and running in the cloud in no time. However, they soon realized that they were being constrained by their office building’s bandwidth. Their employees spend their day creating and transferring large files to and from this server, and their office building had too little bandwidth with way too much congestion. It was just slowing them down too much.

They reached out to ask us about their options. They realized the benefit of not having to maintain a server that needed a reboot multiple times a week, and appreciated that they were essentially getting an off-site backup and recovery plan as well. But they couldn’t continue to work as they were with their bandwidth constraints.

It was time to put on our consulting hats. Our first step was to work with them and a few telecom companies to help them determine if they had other ISP options in the building. There was one other option, but it was cost prohibitive due to the cost of a custom build. With no solution to improve their bandwidth, they were reluctant to request that the server be moved back in-house. But they didn’t want the server on their original machine, so they were looking at once again purchasing a new physical server for us to load the image.

That was not the best scenario. Our solution? We are going to provide them with an on-site appliance that will act as their on-site server with their virtual image running on it. This will eliminate their external bandwidth usage. On top of that, the appliance will work directly with our data backup software and will be taking snapshots multiple times throughout the day to a local drive and push those images up into our cloud platform for an off-site backup on a nightly basis so their daily activities aren’t affected by the upload.

We are not only still providing them with a cloud service, but they are still getting a vast improvement in server experience as well as the disaster recovery which they didn’t have in the first place. So, yes, a server hosted in the cloud was not the silver bullet in this case. However, this client is still taking great advantage of the cloud offerings that are available to them. This is how we take our clientsBeyond the Cloud.

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