hpCommerce Software enhances Orion POS system with cloud

The Company

HP Solutions’ hpCommerce Orion software is a point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management solution for the high performance automobile and motor sports industry. The software developer created the solution for retailers, machine shops, engine builders, car builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The Challenge

From speed shops to car builders, these businesses had too many inventory items for a traditional POS system to handle. Orion was built to meet the need to organize millions of inventory parts and labor assets in a way that makes sense for these businesses. HP Solutions customers greatly benefitted from using the software but wanted an additional solution that allowed them to use it and access their data at various remote locations, such as at the shop, in a parts trailer, or at racetracks or swap meets. Because of this increasing demand for offsite usage, many customers tried remote desktop applications, but found off-the-shelf interfaces produced spotty connections and latency.

Polleo’s Solution

HP Solutions partnered with Polleo Systems to provide their customers with a highly accessible, easy to use and cost-effective solution. Polleo’s virtual server solution allows clients to access their data in Orion from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection or mobile hot spot.

In addition to universal access, Orion data is automatically backed up on the cloud creating an additional layer of redundancy for customers and the service is covered by 24/7 support.

The Results

Polleo created an easy-to-use and reliable cloud solution so the hpCommerce Orion software and customer data could be accessed seamlessly via the Internet. Polleo’s virtual solution also reduced potential customer costs by negating the need to purchase or maintain special remote connectivity software.

“This is hands down the best solution for our customers that need to access their data on the go. Polleo Systems’ cloud hosting is the very best solution for our customers, and for us,” said Rhett Scott, Managing Partner of HP Solutions.

About Polleo Systems

Polleo Systems is a cloud computing services provider experienced in designing IT solutions that align computing infrastructure with organizational objectives. The team’s knowledge of business and technology makes the firm an ideal partner for helping organizations move along the cloud services spectrum from automated data backup to server virtualization to completely cloud-based desktop environments. Polleo provides highly customized, predictable, scalable and redundant virtual environments that help businesses grow.