Don’t just think data backup, think business recovery

When businesses talk about their disaster recovery plans, a lot of times it is focused on how are we backing up our data/servers/etc and where are they placed off site so they are accessible when a disaster occurs. That is all fine and good and those should be a part of the thought process. But you shouldn’t just stop at the thought of data backups.

How long would it take your business to recover from a server failure? Getting a replacement server if you still have a physical server infrastructure? Even worse if you have a virtualized infrastructure in house but you only have a single host and that hose goes down. You can be talking days, weeks or even months away from getting back to normal.

Businesses should put a little more emphasis on the “Business Recovery” aspect than just making sure that some data is backed up and at some point in time the business will be back to normal.

This is where the Polleo Cloud Replication Devices (CRD) come into play. Our CRD’s are not just on-site data backup appliances with the capability of pushing data to an off-site, secured data center. These devices are meant to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible to a normal state. If a server goes down, the Polleo CRD can have the most recent backup image spun up as a live, production server that the entire company can use while the existing server is being fixed or replaced. No need for waiting for new hardware replacements. No waiting for a technical resource to be available to make the fixes for the company. We are there to help you get your backup images turned live.

As an extension of that service, if the company were to have a complete site failure Polleo is able to create an entire replicated environment in our private cloud to get your company back up and running within hours of failure rather than the days/weeks/months that you might experience without our CRD.

Don’t take the risk. Contact us today to talk about your disaster recovery plan. And more importantly, your business recovery plans.