Why Should Accounting Firms Make the Switch to the Cloud?

Tax season is over and that means it’s an opportune time to focus on improving business processes. A great place to begin is by evaluating outdated IT systems that can hinder an accounting firm’s ability to focus on what they do best—managing and analyzing their clients’ financial data.

The benefits of implementing a cloud computing solution are endless. A fairly simple switch to a cloud computing solution can efficiently and effectively reduce the burden of managing data, help productivity and accessibility, and provide peace of mind with business continuity and disaster recovery options.

Efficient Work Environment

Accounting firms are continually increasing volumes of data and users, and this can result in overloading servers thereby sacrificing performance and reliability. Moving servers to the cloud consolidates all the data and users. By creating virtual space, an organization’s system enhancements and software upgrades are made automatically without disrupting a client’s work. This automation helps streamline business processes and standardizes operating systems ensuring everyone is using the same technology.

Reduction of Non-Billable Tasks

There’s nothing more frustrating for an accounting firm to see an increase in in-house IT support and a reduction in billable hours. A cloud computing solution reduces support costs and time. Depending on the solution, there is usually little or no need for pricey computer equipment and servers to be installed and maintained onsite. Employees focused on managing automated backups and data storage can shift the responsibility to the cloud company so they can focus on service, cutting costs and increasing billable hours and referrals.

Ease of Accessibility

As many accounting firms grow, so does their need to simplify management and increase utilization of existing client data and files. It is becoming more common to move from a traditional desktop environment to a virtual desktop infrastructure where computing environments are hosted in the cloud. With a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) in place, clients can easily access files, prepare and share tax statements and client data on any web-enabled device –anywhere at any time.

High Standards of Security

The accounting world exchanges and manages sensitive data and it takes a lot of trust to host information off site in a third-party’s data center. Moving to the cloud ensures the protection and integrity of a customers’ data by minimizing the possibility of data loss, hacking or security breaches. A cloud backup solution will not only safeguard vital business information, but also get an organization back to doing business quickly in the event of downtime due to server failure or a catastrophic disaster.

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