Accounting 101: Hosting QuickBooks Improves Bottom Line

I’ve worked with several accounting and bookkeeping firms and witnessed the frustrations they experience managing their client accounting applications. Frustrations include limited user access to financial data, unpredictable data transfer, no backup and recovery solutions, and limited application support.

As with many small to medium size organizations, entertaining the idea of moving all their IT assets to the cloud is a bit overwhelming. The level of trust hosting sensitive financial data is challenging.But what if I suggest you take a small move to addressing a very basic yet core piece of your business—as well as your client’s business?

QuickBooks Hosting: Majority Rules

Let’s face it. The majority of small to medium size businesses use the versatile and popular accounting application QuickBooks. The application dominates the market thanks to its ease of use. Sure, the accounting application addresses the basic financial functions for a business, but it was not built to support the demands of rapidly growing accounting firms and its clients.

Hosting QuickBooks is a Simple Solution

A great way to introduce your accounting firm to a more flexible web-based architecture is to start with your accounting application. This is the first step to understanding and experiencing the unlimited benefits of virtualizing your business. You can also recommend the same option to your clients. I’ve outlined below how this simple solution benefits your company’s bottom line.

  • Unlimited Access – Unlimited access anytime, anywhere—and on any device. You and your clients will have a single point of access for financial data. You can share access with your employees and your clients. Changes are made and reflected in the financial application in real time.
  • Reliable Data Transfer – Say goodbye to the USB drive. Everything is updated and virtually stored in the accounting application. You never need to worry about crossing files or updating the wrong version. Updates are made seamlessly with everyone on the same page at the same time while administering the application.
  • Automatic Backup and Recovery – Anything you host in the cloud is virtually backed up with several layers of redundancy. You also gain the outside expert knowledge in data protection and integrity. Your accounting firm can focus on your client’s finances while your cloud services provider focuses on minimizing the possibility of data loss, hacking and security breaches.
  • 24/7 Support – A growing business needs to focus on what they do best, and by choosing to move a small portion of your business to the cloud is a great first step. A reputable provider will reduce the burden on your employees serving as IT resources and create greater efficiencies. Everything from dealing with licenses to updating your accounting application and troubleshooting day-to-day issues is supported 24/7.

If you are a small to medium size accounting firm looking to keep your infrastructure at a minimum, then hosting your QuickBooks is a great first step to improving your bottom line. For a free quote, contact us.