Move Education Forward. Beyond the Cloud.

School is out for summer and many educators are excited about summer break. This is also a great time for schools to look at ways to improve curriculum, efficiencies and processes. Throughout the year I speak with several schools and discover they all experience similar technology challenges. I’ve provided some of these challenges with possible solutions. I hope this inspires schools currently evaluating a cloud computing solution to make the switch this year.

Challenge: Growth Demands

Schools are often challenged with facilitating the growing demands of 1:1 learning while aligning IT infrastructure with operational objectives. They spend a lot of their time and maintenance as well as capital cost maintaining their outdated infrastructure. This leads little time to focus on growth and how to provide educators with a quality solution.

Solution: Server virtualization is a proactive approach to meeting demand, minimizing additional burden on IT staff and resources, and avoiding unbudgeted requests to the Board for additional funding.

Challenge: Security

As the number of devices and demands grow, schools are challenged to ensure there is continuity and security with the increasing amounts of data and applications.

Solution: Virtual desktops include automatic data backup protection. When a device is lost or damaged, all data is still securely available in the cloud so a student’s work is saved if their device is lost. Or if a server goes down, cloud-based backup enables recovery of data in a matter of hours instead of days.

Challenge: Timely Updates

It requires a lot of time and maintenance for IT coordinators to stay ahead of annual software refresh cycles.

Solution: Reduce this burden by hosting servers and desktops remotely in the cloud, thereby creating a single, centralized host through which software updates and patches can be completed in a timely manner.

Challenge: Less Spending

Stagnant or decreasing education resources demand IT coordinators extend the life of current devices and reduce capital spending on hardware.


Solution: Utilize Desktop-as-a-Service to turn devices into thin clients. Because all the heavy processing power takes place in the cloud, wear and tear on devices is minimal. This allows you to drastically reduce how often equipment needs to be updated.

These examples are just a few of the challenges schools experience. Imagine what could be achieved by spending finite resources on moving technology and education forward rather than on the day-to-day demands of maintenance, patches and performance issues. Polleo Systems has the experience and infrastructure in place to help guide your school to the next level of education. Contact us for more information about how we can help.