Cloud Computing Provides Affordable Options For Schools

I recently addressed technology challenges school districts experience and provided solutions to address these challenges. One of the challenges I briefly discussed was less spending. This is a pain point all school districts experience. That’s why recommending highly effective cloud computing solutions poses a spending challenge. However, implementing a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and server virtualization solution can help school districts deliver a higher level of service at an affordable price—all while utilizing less time and resources.

Here’s why:


Extend the Life of Existing Hardware:

With DaaS, all existing desktops can be repurposed as thin client connection devices to a new DaaS platform. This extends the life of original desktops. When those machines begin to fail, the replacement is a true thin client. This solution is less expensive than a standard desktop.


Create a Culture of “No Surprises”:

With Virtualization and DaaS, school districts pay a predictable amount per month through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This agreement contains provisions for future additions of students, faculty and devices. This also avoids requests to the Board for funding emergency IT purchases.


Proactively Meet Demands of 1:1 Learning:

Virtualization is a proactive approach to meeting demand and minimizing additional burden on IT staff and resources. Not only does virtualization enable schools to budget predictably, it also means schools can provision new machines in a matter of minutes from a library of existing templates.


Low Upfront Capital Investment:

With the DaaS solution, upfront investment is minimized.


Our cloud computing solutions help administrators meet 1:1 learning demands while keeping a handle on unbudgeted expenses, device setups, refresh cycles, security issues and much more. Contact us for more details on how your school can benefit from a cloud computing solution.