3 Ways Desktop-as-a-Service Helped a Nonprofit Agency Serve More Cancer Patients

The second Client Success story we would like to share as part of our summer blog series is about the Little Red Door Cancer Agency. This nonprofit organization is the oldest cancer resource in Central Indiana and strives to make the most of life and the least of cancer. Little Red Door helps more than 7,500 people a year.

This past winter the agency decided to enhance their infrastructure by implementing a Server Virtualization and a Desktop-as-a-Service solution. This solution greatly improved accessibility and efficiency, and ultimately enabled Little Red Door to serve more people.

Here’s how:


  • Unlimited access: Anytime and from anywhere, Little Red Door’s client navigators (employees who help clients navigate through the healthcare and social service systems) can remotely access resources, organizational assets and patient information. This allows the cancer agency to seamlessly support cancer patients during inclement weather and outages, for instance, from any mobile device or computer with Internet access.
  • Data continuity: It’s vital for an organization like Little Red Door to remain ahead and support patients who need information and access to care. If the agency’s technology fails they serve less people. Implementing a DaaS solution allows the organization’s staff to access and share data in real time. Everyone has access to up-to-date information to support the demands of the growing patient base.
  • Enhanced security: A client’s medical information is both valuable and hyper-sensitive. With DaaS in place, all the data is stored virtually within multiple layers of redundancy to ensure data is not lost. Client navigators can rest assured data is stored and secured in the virtual environment, regardless of what happens to their mobile device or laptop.

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