Ceiling Fan Manufacturer Eliminates Manual Backup and Reduces Human Error With Cloud Replication Device

The Midwest is approaching some of the hottest and muggiest days of summer. It’s a perfect time to feature our fourth client, Fanimation, during our summer blog series. Fanimation designs, manufactures and sells high quality ceiling fans to more than 1,500 retail stores and ships its products to more than 23 countries. As with many growing businesses, roles and responsibilities are shared.

The company’s controller Jay Boughner, needed some relief. At Fanimation, Jay is responsible not only for finances but for IT governance and oversight. Daily tasks include managing financial assets, policies, procedures, reporting systems, and also ensuring company data is backed up several times a day.

Fanimation’s unusual number of eight servers conducted manual tape backups on an inconsistent schedule. These backups include valuable data like accounting systems, blue print designs, shipment histories, client data, logistics and inventory. The process was old and outdated, and put the company and its livelihood at risk.

Today’s cloud technology allows for small to medium-sized companies like Fanimation to focus on their business and not on IT solutions. Polleo quickly identified the company could easily eliminate the manual process of archiving and storing data with one simple device. Polleo installed their Cloud Replication Device (CRD) to automatically push large amounts of Fanimation’s information to an off-site secured data center.

Fanimation is one of many businesses that took advantage of the CRD services from Polleo. This solution is a great first step for businesses to transition to a cloud computing structure. The CRD will safeguard vital business information, but also get an organization back to doing business quickly in the event of downtime due to events such as a server failure or catastrophic disaster.

You can read Fanimation’s full client success story when you visit our client case study page. You can also explore the CRD services page.