Keep Your Business Healthy By Including The Added Value Of Cloud Accounting

As an accounting firm, you constantly look for ways to improve your clients’ bottom line. They trust you with their financial information and want sound advice to keep their business financials running at their best. What if I told you there are additional ways to grow your business and bring additional value to your clients with minimal effort? My solution: Server virtualization.

Moving servers to the cloud allows consolidation of IT assets, creates greater efficiencies and reduces the burden on IT resources. Instead of increasing the number of physical servers (and the resources to manage and maintain those servers), your organization can choose a virtual cloud architecture to increase IT agility. Now let’s look at some of the benefits in more detail.

Eliminate Time and Resources Spent on IT

As a growing business, your goal is to decrease lag time and avoid purchasing unnecessary server capacity and licenses. By eliminating the need for physical servers, your firm can reduce your total hardware cost, and decrease demands on IT resources by deploying application upgrades, patches and fixes faster. This means less time focusing on your IT and more time on your clients’ needs—and growing your business.

Improved Flexibility and Response Time

I’ve witnessed firsthand how virtualization helps accounting firms make huge strides in their ability to scale their business based on their clients’ demands. Implementing a server virtualization solution allows your business to quickly increase or decrease the amount of storage and hosted applications. You decide based on the demand and can avoid locking your business into outdated and unused technology. This means your business can easily scale with client and seasonal demands.

Unlimited Data and Application Access

You will have unlimited access anytime, anywhere—and on any device. This also means several of your accounting software solutions are easily hosted, managed and updated in real time. You and your clients will have a single point of access for financial data. You also gain the added benefits of backup and recovery to safeguard your clients’ vital financial information.

Your business deserves to grow. Your clients deserve your knowledge and attention on what you do best—accounting and financial consulting. If you haven’t considered server virtualization for your business, I hope this article helps you understand some of the added benefits.

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