You Have IT Challenges? No Problem.

Small businesses increasingly look to cloud computing to assist with their technology challenges. In fact, 43% of small businesses today are utilizing cloud computing. I guarantee these businesses are spending less time and resources on their operational IT work and more time growing their business. So how can we make your ongoing challenges go away? Let’s look at some of the options.

Avoiding Data Disasters

Why not shift the risk of managing and storing your data to a reputable cloud services provider? Sometimes even with the best laid plans and intentions, there’s human error—and hardware failure. Polleo Systems offers a cloud backup solution that will not only safeguard your vital business information, but also get you back to doing business quickly in the event of downtime due to events such as a server failure or catastrophic disaster.

Increasing Data Demands

A rapidly growing business with increasing data demands is a good problem to have, but why not make that our problem. You can easily scale your business operations without the drain on resources or capital expenses of purchasing, configuring and installing new physical hardware and software. We can move your business from a physical server environment to a hybrid or complete virtualization solution. This means your storage capacity will scale dynamically and seamlessly to meet your business and its growing demands.

Focusing on Your Business, Not Your IT

Why not focus on getting your products and services to market faster. You can shift your attention and funding on your core instead of on your technology infrastructure. By utilizing a virtual computing environment, all your IT assets, you don’t need to make a significant capital expenditure on hardware – which you then have to manage day to day. Dealing with the burden of hardware maintenance and troubleshooting takes valuable time away from focusing on your venture. You can easily shift this burden to us to manage.

Polleo Systems has a proven track record when it comes to serving a growing market of independent business owners. Contact us to learn how we can bridge the gap between your technology challenges and the needs of your growing business.