Your Small Business Can Prevail With a Disaster Recovery Plan

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) reported 59% of small firms experience a service interruption due to a cyber-attack. The NSBA 2013 Technology Survey also reported the average cost associated with the cyber-attack, among those targeted, was $8,699.48.

A cyber-attack is one example of the many costly and time-consuming data disasters a small business can experience if they are not positioned with a disaster recovery plan. The chances of a small business encountering a major disruption in its lifetime are high, and survival is extremely challenging for small businesses that do not implement a plan to prepare for a disaster.

Implementing a disaster recovery plan that includes a cloud recovery device gives small businesses the processes and technologies to recover from an IT disaster. Here are just a few of the features and benefits Polleo Systems offers with our cloud backup service:

  • Maintains a local cache of backup data to speed recovery when needed
  • Automatically pushes information to geographically redundant and secured data centers
  • Replicates your operating environment in the cloud if your physical environment goes down

Despite the best laid plans and intentions, human error and hardware failure account for most downtime. But no matter the cause, don’t put your livelihood at risk. Layers of redundancy are vital to the viability of your organization.

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