Business Recovery is as Easy as 1-2-3

How long would it take your business to recover from a server failure or data loss? You can be talking days, weeks or even months away from getting back to normal. A disaster recovery plan is essential—and business recovery is vital to prevent this type of situation.

A Cloud Replication Device (CRD) is a fairly turnkey introduction to implementing cloud computing that ensures a company’s data is protected. This backup appliance is an all-in-one solution providing storage hardware with backup software. The CRD reduces the time consuming and error-prone process of implementing a manual backup infrastructure.

The following is a quick overview of what a client can expect with CRD implementation, recovery and support.

1. Installation

The process begins by installing a tower or rack server on site. We then install software agents on the client’s servers. This process requires coordination with the organization’s IT staff with step-by-step instructions about installation. We can also support the installation and highly recommend our services for ease.

Our process includes gathering client information regarding their recovery time objectives. This ensures we properly configure the backup schedule and retention policy on the CRD. An evaluation of the size of the protected servers determines how we transfer the initial data to our cloud. The transfer is done over the wire or by utilizing a seed drive. The entire process is generally completed in under a week. However, additional time might be required depending on the size of the servers and the process involved.

2. Recovering Data

There are two data recovery options. Polleo can recover data on-site to the local CRD from a file level, application level or server level. Data can also be recovered in the cloud by utilizing the same process for CRD.

3. Support

After installation, our support team. is available and ready 24/7 to work around specific limitations and provide customizable solutions for each client. A client simply sends in a request if they are missing data. The process of restoring data for a file or application level restore is generally done within hours of the request.

There are plenty of other details involved in a client CRD implementation, but the above is a basic overview to illustrate how easy disaster and business recovery can be. From installation to ongoing support, Polleo’s CRD allows a business to quickly protect unprotected data and deploy backups with fully licensed, pre-configured software and hardware, and support.

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