Let’s Get Down to the Business of Backup and Recovery for Schools

There’s been a lot of talk on our blog about business continuity and how our cloud solutions help support small business growth. However, I also believe in leveraging technology to enhance and support education. I also understand this responsibility lands squarely on the shoulders of school technology coordinators, and one of the biggest challenges these coordinators face is the increasing demand for managing and storing data.

All too often we find school districts managing a lot of data that is housed in various formats across multiple systems. That’s why it’s just as critical for schools to understand the importance of evaluating their backup and recovery plan. This plan is not just about how a school system backs up their data, but also how quickly they can return to their normal functions—and do so without losing any information that could cost thousands of dollars.

How does your school system manage data? Do you have a backup and recovery plan? Polleo Systems offers cloud-based backup and recovery solutions that enable school systems and educators to focus on 21st Century learning, while we focus on ensuring important data remains secure in the cloud.

Here are just a few features our cloud backup and recovery service include:

  • Maintaining a local cache of backup data to speed recovery when needed
  • Automatically pushing large amounts of information to an off-site, secured data center
  • Replicating your operating environment in the cloud if your physical environment goes down

Contact Polleo and find out how we can partner with your school system.