Get your Head in the Cloud: It’s a Good Thing

Traditionally, being told that you have your head in the clouds was considered anything but a compliment.  In fact, the phrase is universally construed as one being aloof, unaware of what’s going on in one’s surroundings and not being grounded in reality.  The origin of the phrase dates back to the mid-1600s and for over two hundred fifty years it was physically impossible for one to have their head in the clouds.  Of course, technology changed that at Kitty Hawk with the Wright Brothers and yet the phrase persisted.

Today it may be time to revise the phrase because, like the first airplane, technology has made it obsolete.  To have your head in the cloud means that you not only understand what the cloud is, but realize that it’s a good place to be.  For many people, this is all elementary, but to many more the cloud is some mystifying technological term that has something to do with computers.  Demystifying the cloud is the first step in understanding why it is a positive place to be.  Let’s take a few moments and break it down.

The Cloud is the simplistic term referring to Cloud Computing, which is the delivery of on-demand computing resources.  Cloud Computing encompasses everything from applications to data centers on a pay for use basis over the internet.

Elasticity of resources is but one of the advantages of Cloud Computing.  A business may scale quickly up or down to meet their demand requirements.  As your business needs grow, your capital resources need not.

Say Goodbye to Obsolescence.  Businesses no longer have to resign themselves to spending tens of thousands of dollars every few years for computers and related equipment that quickly becomes outdated and incapable of serving their needs.  While your resident IT tech and purchasing manager may derive a high in the buying of new equipment, when was the last time you were happy about the expense?  Data sharing and storage is unlimited and instantaneous with Cloud Computing and the need for lots of equipment vanishes into thin air.

Pay for Use.  With Cloud Computing, the service is metered, so you only pay for what you use.  No more buying of equipment that must have vast amounts of computing and storage capability.  Use only what you need when you need it.  While the cost efficiencies that Cloud Computing delivers are reason enough for many businesses to utilize the service, usage service fees that are considered utility expenses is another.  A business may expense out a utility fee in the calendar year that it occurs, unlike that of a depreciable capital asset

Self Service.  Cloud Computing provides self-service access, and IT resources. When you have a question or are in need of assistance, the best Cloud Computing providers will be there for you whenever and for whatever that need may be.

Allow yourself to daydream for a moment.  Imagine your piles of expensive discarded computer equipment, the lack of unlimited data computing and your inaccessibility of shared data and worse, lost data.  What would a caption cloud above your head read in such a scenario?  The very thought has taken the breath away from many a business owner.  Now imagine a world where there is no such scenario.  It’s no longer a dream or fantasy.  It’s very real and it’s within your grasp.  Perhaps it’s time to take a step up and take a breath of rarified air.  Having your head in the cloud is a very good thing.