Lets Get “Cirrus” About the Cloud

Cirrus clouds are those thin, wispy, high altitude formations of super cooled, frozen water droplets that are harbingers of fair weather and smooth sailing.

Cirrus clouds point towards good weather, traveling from west to east and are very high up in the sky.  These cloud formations are not only found in our world but also on other planets including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and possibly even Neptune.  At Cirrus level the air is thin, clean, devoid of turbulent and tumultuous weather and provides a clear view of the horizon.

Smooth sailing and a clear view of the horizon; now doesn’t that sound like the place where you want to find your business?

How wonderful it would be if we could order skies to our liking.  But as hard as man has tried over the centuries, he has had little control of the weather.  Until recently businesses, too, have had little control of their ever-expanding inventory of machines. Equipment has been tasked with providing smooth and efficient sailing, but inevitably only delivers an ominous layer of complexity.   Machines consume valuable and expensive man-hours to manage and maintain.  Add to this the additional confusion of not knowing what is installed or housed in equipment and who has access, itexponentially complicates things for businesses. Coupled with all different types of software and various “management” protocols the complexity is grand and can end up looking more like the stormy, thunderous, cumulonimbus cloud that can envelop you and ground your business.

When you are mired to the ground with security, automation, and data storage issues you do not have the opportunity to see from a different vantage point and with a higher-level perspective for your business.  The freedom of movement, the undiluted view and the pure air gives rise to thinking about how you operate and do business in a new way. Just like the high flying Cirrus cloud, don’t you want to be the fast moving, innovative trailblazer in your industry?  You can be when you dream big and aim high by moving your infrastructure to the cloud.  Just as Cirrus clouds point towards good weather you can be confident that moving your business to the cloud will direct you towards a positive and optimistic future.

“Cirrusly”, isn’t it time to look at your business from the cloud vantage point? Just like there are unique variations to real cloud patterns there are nuances to each business and their computing needs. When unencumbered and relieved of the turbulent stress of maintaining and protecting your equipment and data, you are free to see clearly through the clean fresh air the vantage point of the Cloud affords.

Now open your eyes, take a deep breath and see your business from the 18,000-foot view!