Late Night Blog Tribute to David Letterman

For the past thirty-three years the night owls and insomniacs of the nation have been entertained by the antics of David Letterman.  In bidding him a fond farewell this month when he retires, we dedicate our own Top 10 List to America’s funny man.

Top 10 Reasons to Cloud Compute

10.  Everyone tells you that your head is in the cloud anyway, so why not put your data there too.

9.  Who doesn’t want to be on cloud nine?

8. You can enjoy Cloud 8 just as much as Cloud 9, and we have heard that Cloud 7 is not bad either.

7.  Every cloud has a silver lining.

6.  You can sing along with Mick Jagger and tell the world to get off of your cloud.

5.  Your IT guys will love not having a daily cloud of suspicion over them on their ability to protect the company’s data.

4.  If you ever wanted a ten thousand foot view of your business’s operations, you have to be in the Cloud.

3.  You can see clearly now that the servers and hardware are gone.

2.  Having your data in the Cloud makes for a bright, bright sunshiny day.

And…the number one reason for being in the Cloud:  You can brag to all your friends that you’re part of the mile high club.

In all seriousness we think there are many more reasons to move your business to the cloud.  Lost data, equipment and hardware complications are no laughing matter.   Turning to the cloud offers you the security, cost savings and peace of mind that you need.

Best wishes to David Letterman as he rides off into the sunset, and if you aren’t utilizing the cloud, let’s hope he doesn’t run into your data when he gets there.