Non-Profit Growing Pains – RX the Cloud

Time is of the essence for non-profit organizations to take a different perspective in today’s high tech marketplace. It is ripe for those organizations to take a realistic look at their IT demands, budgets and the way their current IT program functions. Identifying areas in which the cloud and cloud technology can enhance operations and help define cost efficiencies should be THE conversation to have in the second half of the year. These are some questions that non-profit organizations should be exploring as they look at ways to increase revenue and reduce costs for 2016.


-What are the organizational pain points and what is preventing staff and volunteers from accomplishing their work?


-Is the organization dealing with antiquated or donated hardware, a fragmented IT team to manage the hardware, software, and usage of IT, unconnected data, and working with no budget for IT?

-Are disaster recovery plans in place and does the organization know how to retrieve data in the event of an emergency?  Has this been tested?

-Is the organization growing rapidly and are there expensive infrastructure upgrades on the horizon?

-Has analysis been done on the cost of maintaining the current hardware (security, heating/cooling, electricity) ?

-Does the organization have the ability to capture donors, customer data and payment options on the fly with a mobile device and an “accessible from anywhere” database?

-Is the organization understaffed and unable to effectively utilize today’s new technology and digital media options to garner and harvest new technologically savvy employees?

-What operating systems are being utilized and are they “cloud ready”?

Are these questions being asked and are YOU exploring the best way to handle your technology needs in your non-profit organization?


This sector is rapidly shifting to cloud technology. The new digital wallet (online currency, biometrics and voice command pay) is all impacting how funds are collected and distributed. Providing donors with private payment portals and enhanced security will keep the revenue stream current and cloud technology is an essential element of this.


Cloud solutions can also help support the cash flow of the organization.  Instead of shelling out large sums of money for hardware, a cloud-based subscription model is often less cost prohibitive.


The cloud offers the advantage and best in class of access, security, collaboration and cost effectiveness for non-profit organizations.


The only question that should be asked in the Non-Profit boardroom then, is WHEN are we moving to the cloud?