Flash-Drive-Asourrus- The Extinction of the Flash Drive

Imagine, if you will, yourself as an archeologist digging through the 21st century remains of a landfill.  What are some of those technological “bones” you might unearth?  We are betting you a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and raising you a Velociraptor claw that you will unearth the Flash-Drive-Asourrus.  Just like it’s predecessors before, the IBM Punch Cardius, the Floppy Discadon and the CD-actyl, The Flash-Drive-Asourrus, as we know it, is about to become extinct.


There are a couple of telltale signs that something is on the path to extinction.  When these once highly expensive and sought after gadgets show up in the impulse purchase section of Wal-Mart or they become the latest chotskies to be given away at a trade show….you know that it is all downhill from there.  The next stop for this schwag will be the local landfill.


Think for a moment why the path to the landfill is a much quicker one these days.  Cloud technology has disrupted the ecosystem and many hardware storage devices are no longer needed due to the reliability, safety and convenience of storing data in the cloud.  The cloud is also really easy to keep track of, unlike the very small, diversely shaped, high lose-ability factor, flash drive.  Look at all of the other things that have changed the way that we handle technology over the past few years.  Is there a video store in your neighborhood or do you use Netflix or Amazon?  Do you watch movies on your portable DVD player or stream it on your handheld device?  Do you have a digital camera or do you use your phone?  Do you buy a music CD or do you buy digital music one song at a time?  Do you have paper-hanging files or do you store your important documents digitally? Perish the thought…do you still use a fax machine?  The cloud has changed the perception of the tangible into a new way of doing business, virtually.


File sharing used to be a complicated mess: Multiple copies of things, hand-written notes and difficulty in long-distance communication. Today it is as simple as utilizing an online sharing system in the cloud that allows multiple people to collaborate, view, and edit. “I saved my file to the C: drive” is going to be a foreign language in a few years, replaced with “you can find it in the cloud”.


The mobile generation doesn’t even remember how hard it used to be sharing files. With airdrop technology it is as easy as sitting beside your neighbor and pushing a button. Like the dinosaur age and survival of the fittest the Wireless, Mobile, and Cloud technology beasts are gobbling up the smaller USB’s and Flash Drives of the world.


The cloud is the premier and preferred data transfer, storage and replication model of the new age. Just like the mighty Pterodactyl in the sky, look up because this new Cloud beast has a voracious appetite!