The Cloud is Greek to Me

Summer break is already half way over for college students.  As college students are prodded by their parents into thinking about preparing for the fall semester, our minds begin to wax nostalgia.  The Steely Dan song “My Old School” plays in our heads and we realize “I am never going back to my old school”.

That’s because our old school in a sense, no longer exists.  Gone are the days of worrying about lost notes, reports and term papers, when most data now is stored in a cloud-based retrievable format. College students today, especially those living within the Greek system, have access to technology and tools that can exponentially make their life much easier than yesterday’s college student.

The most technological progressive fraternities and sororities are utilizing and offering their membership cloud computing options.  The houses themselves no longer leave to chance the security and access of their most critical functions.  The fraternity or sorority treasurer can now confidently have secured access to its accounting records. There also is an opportunity for a more managed and streamlined database access to membership.  Accurate entries on each member account, account receivable, and payables, as well as social fees, are at one’s fingertips, from anywhere.  This data, through password monitoring and encryption, can be made accessible to only the officers as well as to the accounting firm they may have contracted with. Most of this data can be managed through the main headquarters of each fraternity or sorority and shared in the cloud, which provides ease of access among “chapters” no matter the location.

Software like Chapter Builder helps Fraternities and Sororities manage membership, potential candidates, and databases.  Bill Highway among many others is another tool that makes it easy to manage how funds are collected from current and alumni membership. There are also opportunities for E-Learning and Educational modules to be shared Greek System-wide using cloud technology. With risk compliance being a top priority these days, cloud technology offers up a way to seamlessly address and give access to timely information regarding more difficult to manage policies on Greek life related incidents, hazing and alcohol use.

The individual members themselves benefit from their house offering them cloud access as well. From anywhere on campus and beyond, the student / member can store their notes, assignments, reports, and any other class-related information.  And they can access this information with confidence anytime, anywhere, from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.  With one’s imagination being boundless, there’s no telling what information an ambitious college student might find valuable enough to protect.  Don’t be surprised to learn that party lists, black books, favorite bars, beer pong scores, craft beer ratings, and best spring break party spots have found their way into the cloud along the other ‘important’ stuff.

We will also bet you a red solo cup that it is a way to save the organization money!

If your fraternity or sorority has not yet leaped into the 21st century of technology, maybe it’s past time you gave it the old sophomore try and reached for the Cloud…