Dear Boss, It is Time for a Cloud Talk

Dear Boss,

I am writing you this correspondence today in response to your request to investigate opportunities to save our company money and improve our technology infrastructure.  You asked me to provide a value proposition and estimated ROI for utilizing cloud technology and convince you why a move to the cloud is prudent for our company.

The IT issues that we are having currently are:  We have a slowed process time to production for most of our business systems, we have an excessive amount of hardware and our software costs are increasing at a rapid rate to update and maintain.  Our need for data space storage is going to increase the need for square footage in our facility and we are going to run out of space in the next 2 years at the current rate of growth.  The increasing energy cost to maintain this area is a growing concern.  Data security and backup are sporadic and not managing this properly is a huge risk for the longevity of our company. Our IT is currently being delivered in a decentralized and chaotic way and needs to be organized and structured differently. There is certainly much room for improvement and cost savings in how our IT is run currently.

With the mission of our company being that the customer is the reason we exist, moving our IT to the cloud will allow us the opportunity to service our worldwide customer base in a quicker and more cost-effective manner.  In doing research of our competitors, we will be the only company that has employed a cloud strategy which puts us light years ahead of them in agility and security.

Moving our IT infrastructure to the cloud will free up our IT staff to work on the more innovative and interesting projects that you have in the pipeline.  Their schedule can be more open and free from the mundane tasks of upkeep and maintenance.  This has the potential to impact the future growth and innovation of our company.

You have made me aware in all that you have heard of security risks and regulatory concerns regarding the cloud.  I think that a good way to begin the transition for our company is to start with a private cloud in our own data center and this can help instill confidence in the cloud security and ability to perform within the bounds of our regulatory compliance.  It also provides a virtual data center and helps us to establish a backup protocol. We can then transition to a hybrid cloud by the next year.  With our computer systems in-house, the resources that we spend on monitoring the threats with manpower and technology can all be done in a better, more secure way with a cloud vendor.

As our company grows, utilizing the cloud allows us to do on-boarding without a major disruption and it is more simple to provision. As we add users and develop more specialized job descriptions the cloud-based system can be integrated with our current system and can help to streamline the application, hiring an integration process.

The long-term cost savings for our company is key.  We have a growing need for automation and management, a greater need for quicker service delivery and a more optimized data center and IT infrastructure.  The cloud offers us the ability to curb our current IT consumption by optimizing our current resources in space, manpower and energy use.  Because cloud services are scalable and pay as you go service we only pay for what we need.  It is a more prudent use of our operational expenditures and will lower the bottom line cost or operating.

As you can see, there are more benefits to cloud-based business management for our company than there are negatives. There are myriads of other time-saving advantages that can be done by employing the cloud in the sales process, accounting, and mobility.  The migration process can also give us an opportunity to see if there is duplication in our processes and streamline operating. Moving to the cloud can help our business be more efficient, more mobile, and eliminates many manual processes that we currently have. In conclusion, it is my sincere belief that hiring a cloud vendor that will help us transition to the cloud is the best option for our company.

Your dedicated employee,
Joe TechMan