Moving to the Cloud is Easy as 1….2….3

Have you ever had a conversation with an IT professional that goes something like this?

You: “I need to do (fill in the blank) on my device”

IT guy: “What??? You don’t know how to do that????….Here, move over, let me show you, it is so easy my Grandma could figure it out”.

Everything to the IT professional is “easy”.  Their minds seem to work in synapses and gigabytes and they write code in their dreams.  For the rest of the populace, it is just not that “easy”.  So it seems to go with the idea of moving to the cloud.  Many businesses have the perception that it is mind-blowingly confusing and very complicated to transition to the cloud, even when understanding that moving to the cloud enables consolidation of IT assets, creates greater efficiencies, reduces the burden on IT resources, and creates manageability and scalability.

Polleo Systems is here to tell you it is simply THIS easy when you work with us.

Step 1) Consult and evaluate environment needs

Our team works with your company one on one to evaluate the current cloud computing needs.  We listen to you beyond just hearing and intuitively learn what your company needs.  Our team will take extra time and care to understand your business. We go beyond providing basic out-of-the-box cloud solutions. We provide an infrastructure that will grow and adapt to your specific needs and design unique cloud solutions specifically for your business.

Step 2) Build the environment, firewall rules and new virtual machines or if migrating, replicate the original machines to virtual standby VM’s in the Polleo Cloud and build the firewall rules.   

All of this might sound complicated and there is a level of detail that goes into building the environment specific to the business needs. However, this is where Team Polleo does the magic. Working behind the scenes, all of the technical intricacies are covered and our experts handle the work of replication, craft the firewall rules and handle the migration.  You can be assured that we are on all of the details that matter most to you and your business.

3) Once built or replicated, the virtual standby VM’s are activated and updated while the DNS records are pointed to the new IP addresses.

We understand the process and the support that is necessary to make an easy transition.  The customer service that Polleo provides ensures the transition to the cloud is seamless. Our staff is on-site and available 24/7 during and after the implementation process. Our team looks at every detail to ensure productivity is unaffected.

When you work with Polleo to transition to the cloud it is REALLY as simple as 1…2…3.  Three steps to a better-managed infrastructure…..  Three steps to a better way to handle your data….. Three simple steps to a more cost-effective way to scale your business. So take three steps to your phone and give us a call. Although your Grandma might be tech savvy and could help, we do suggest you call us first!