Storms Are Coming

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Picture this, you are the owner of a small business, you’ve worked hard building it, dedicating years and years of your life, and sacrificing your time to make it a success. Then one day an alert blares across the news; a tornado is coming. Boom! Within minutes it’s over. All of your hard work is gone in an instant, sucked up into a funnel cloud of destruction.

When a storm comes, the only thoughts that run through your panicked mind are about getting home safely, wondering if your family is OK, whether or not your dog is outside; you’re not worrying about your business’s data.

The thing is, if your office is destroyed you know that insurance will cover the building, the furniture, the computers, but what it can’t cover is your data. That’s gone. Years of vital gigabytes of information vanished in mere moments.

Welcome to Tornado Season in the Midwest. This story may not seem like it could happen to you, but it happens to thousands of people every, single year. And it’s not just tornados you need to worry about. According to a Purdue study, each summer sees an increase in the frequency and intensity of storms and severe thunderstorms which can lead to network outages and downtime.

What would you do if it happened to you?

Hopefully you would be prepared with a solid Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan in place because with Cloud Disaster Recovery it is no longer necessary to worry about how these frequent, stronger storms will effect your company’s data.

Cloud Disaster Recovery provides cloud backup, computing storage, and safekeeping of copies of your company’s electronic records in a Cloud computing environment. It also lowers costs and eliminates the need for a dedicated recovery site.

As there are many unexpected events that can disable your local IT infrastructure it is crucial that serious consideration be given to storing your data off-site. If your office is destroyed, or your computers are offline, it could be problematic for your business to recover its data making it difficult to resume normal operations.

According to Massachusetts global consulting firm IDC, 80% of small businesses have experienced network downtime at some point, with the associated costs of the loss of data ranging from $82,000 – $256,000, or $137 – $427 per minute proving that when it comes to Disaster Recovery, each second counts.Do you know what your average downtime is? 

Storm, rain, tornado, or whatever, your business will function normally when your data is migrated to the Cloud.

With a Cloud solutions provider like Polleo Systems, your business will recover its data in the event of any catastrophe, natural or man-made. Polleo’s tiered Cloud storage options make putting a solid Cloud Disaster Recovery plan in place an accessible and easy solution for any sized business. When you send data to the Cloud, it is safely stored in a secure location so if/when a disaster strikes you can access your data from any computer with an Internet connection.

Polleo Systems can provide a plan that works, that keeps cost to a minimum, that recovers quickly and keeps business running and moving forward without loss of vital information.

A solid backup and disaster recovery plan is critical for any business. When it comes to your data, prepare for the worst. Disasters happen. Back up to the Cloud.