Choosing the Right Cloud Partner

What to do, what to do… you have a business with data growing by the day and you know that you need to protect the data and have access to it whenever you need it. You’ve heard of ‘The Cloud’ but with so many Cloud companies to choose from how do you find the one that best meets your needs?

When choosing a Cloud Partner, first and foremost you should have a clear understanding of what your company’s cloud computing requirements are and what’s important to your business:

Do you need local support with quick turnaround times?

Will you need a Cloud Partner that has the ability and bandwidth to scale up to meet growing business demands?

Once you have a clear understanding of what your needs are, consider the following:

Can the Cloud Partner help you gain a competitive advantage?

Can they demonstrate how cloud computing will specifically benefit your business?

What are the internal obstacles hindering a cloud strategy?

What are the business factors impacting a potential infrastructure change potential?

It is essential that you choose a Cloud Partner that understands your specific business objectives and what you are hoping to achieve with cloud computing. Choose the one who can provide you with the services that your business wants and needs, then think about price. If you make price the priority you are undermining the importance of the rest or your requirements and challenges.

Many businesses have been turning to large Multi Service Providers like Amazon and Azure for their Cloud Computing needs, but while Multi Service Providers may offer lower prices they cannot offer the level of attentive customer service that a smaller firm can. With the lower cost, tiered pricing of these big companies, you get the bare minimum. Because Multi Service Providers try to be everything to everyone, quite often they are jack of all trades and masters of none. After all, would you go to a family physician for open heart surgery?

Polleo Systems are masters in cloud computing. Businesses choose us because we focus specifically on Cloud strategy solutions. We have the technical expertise and understanding of cloud computing and the staff on hand to assist with your needs.

While the big providers find themselves in a race to the bottom, Polleo Systems has a pricing model that ensures you’re paying for exactly what your business demands. Remember, pricing should not be the number one priority when seeking the right partner.

Polleo Systems offers personal customer care, expertise, and attentiveness with our in-house team sitting on the front lines, helping businesses like yours solve day-to-day challenges while getting the most from their cloud computing services.

Contact us today and find out why Polleo Systems is the right Cloud Partner for your business!