When IT Goes on Vacation, Will You Be Running in the Cloud?

Now that you have chosen the right partner for your Cloud needs, it’s time for your IT department to take a nice, relaxing vacation!

That’s right, your IT department can take a vacation because with Polleo Systems’ outsourced cloud model keeping your data and applications running smoothly, you can rest assured knowing that IT’s production environment is maintained, up and secure.

Partnering with Polleo Systems means that your backups are uninterrupted, completed,  successful, and running smoothly. Your IT Department no longer needs to back up to tape everyday! With the functionality of your system and everything connected to the network monitored, IT doesn’t need to worry about uptimes and downtimes, or even hard drive failures. Your secure and compliant environment stays safe from any attacks while we ensure that your environment is monitored and consistently upheld by a team of experts. It really is that easy!

With your technological infrastructure in the cloud, IT will no longer have to dedicate hours tackling mundane maintenance tasks. When they return from vacation, IT will have more time to dedicate to new and innovative projects that can drive your business’s growth forward instead of focusing on daily upkeep.

So go ahead, let your internal IT take that much needed vacation; they’ll recharge their batteries and come back ready to focus on the strategic advantages of your technology, not babysitting your IT environment!

Contact us today and discover what a cloud provider like Polleo Systems can do for you!