It All Started in the Cloud

Sit back and picture this, you’re sitting at your desk and start thinking about what’s for dinner tonight. You realize quickly that you have zero groceries in the house and there’s no time tonight to go to the grocery store due to your already crazy schedule. You pull out your phone and put in your order to your nearest grocery store and schedule a pick up time. You then schedule the time for your automated car to pick you up from the office incorporating a grocery stop along the way. Seems crazy right? Well today it might be, but the reality is closer than you and I think. But how can you relay all of that information and coordinate those points in time to create the perfect scenario? The answer is complex yet simple at the same time – it all starts with the cloud!

Let’s break it down; you open your application connected to your smart fridge to take a quick inventory of what you do and do not have on hand based on the real time inventory stored in a database sitting in the cloud. From there you open your store’s app that sits in the cloud, maintained by your grocery store of choice, which has direct access to their virtual machines giving them a real time inventory of products and prices for the day. You select what you want and create your ‘virtual cart’. Once completed you select your payment of choice which is stored in a PCI compliant virtual machine which sits in the cloud. The order is then sent to a connected device of an employee in the four walls of that grocery store.

Once the order is processed and complete, your car is summoned through the automatic relay that sits in the cloud which is all timed perfectly to execute at a predetermined time by you so the groceries won’t have to sit in a hot car while you finish your day. Once you get home you put your groceries away and all services included in this process update, reset, and are ready for tomorrow’s tasks.

The new buzzword in technology, ‘the Internet of Things’, is taking over the way we not only do business, but will dramatically change the way we operate throughout our daily lives. Can’t fathom the thought of such drastic change? Check out 16 Ways the Cloud Will Change Our Lives from the Wall Street Journal. You will be connected to your office, your home, your health, your child’s education and your car all from a single device and have more information at your fingertips than ever before.

The dramatic message behind these innovations is simple… there’s no escaping the advancement of technology; which is a good thing! The world is literally at your fingertips through the screen of a device of your choosing. It’s time to get a head start in the direction you will eventually be forced to ‘migrate’ to. Join us here at Polleo as we help foster a movement that could change the way we all think.

I leave you with this, the next time you’re blown away by the way we connect with the world through technology remember this – it all started in the cloud!