This is the Cloud.

You’ve heard of the cloud, but do you actually know what it is? In the simplest terms, the cloud is a datacenter full of servers that are connected to the internet facilitating a massive communications network.

Sounds complicated and boring doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s not. It’s wonderful and magical and it makes your business a whole lot easier; therefore it makes your life a whole lot easier, less stressful, and far more enjoyable.

This is the cloud:

Beep beep beep…your alarm is going off, it’s time to begin another day. A few minutes later and you’re in your kitchen having your morning coffee, scrolling through your work emails on your tablet and there it is, somebody at the office urgently needs a report. “No problem” you shrug as you easily access the application to log in. There’s a notification, the application software has gone through an automated update and the latest version has already deployed. “Cool.” You run the report, generating the data needed, download it and shoot it off to your colleague. Done and dusted!

Morning coffee finished and you’re off to the office to officially start your day!

As you arrive at work you bypass your office to peek into the old server room. Before migrating to the cloud it was full of servers, now it’s being remodeled into a fun break room complete with comfy lounge chairs and a foosball table; the perfect spot for the team to unwind. Switching from the in-house servers to the cloud is not only freeing up the time of the IT team, letting them focus on more proactive company pursuits, but the energy saved is having a fantastic effect on your bottom line! Re-directing that cash to making the office a more welcoming place for the team is going to make for happier employees.

At your desk you get right into collaborating on a project with your partner. She’s out of town at a conference but you’re still able to work on the plans for the upcoming online sale you’re hosting next month. Being able to work together simultaneously is so much easier than having to email each other updated versions all the time, and a lot less confusing too!

The increased web activity from the upcoming online sale means that you’ll need to scale up. No problem! You make a quick call to your cloud provider Polleo Systems to let them know that you’re planning a promotion and because of the increased traffic, you may have to temporarily scale up so you can avoid the site crashing and losing sales. Hanging up the phone you know you made the right decision in choosing Polleo; thanks to their straight-forward cost structure, whether your site attracts 500 visitors a month or 50,000, your costs stay the same! “Huh, maybe we should have more promotions.”

That afternoon you duck out to see your daughter’s soccer match. You’re cheering on from the sidelines knowing that if anything comes up at work, you can handle it right there from your phone. Cloud computing means that you’re connected whenever and wherever you need to be, as long as your 4G keeps up.

The soccer match is halted as black clouds begin to roll in. You check the weather app on your phone; a massive thunderstorm and tornado funnels are being reported. Your one concern is getting your child home safely, and thanks to the cloud and your disaster recovery plan, you don’t even have to worry about the office.

Sure enough, a lightning strike near the office causes a massive power outage. But you’re fine; you’re at home and not worrying about the outage and its effect on your business. Why? Because you know that everything is safe, everything is secure, everything is easy, because you’re in the cloud.

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