Don’t Just Back Up – Put a Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

You are very diligent about backing up your data and you feel confident and protected should a disaster occur to your system; after all, you have the means the start over again without missing a beat. Hmmm… are you sure about that?

What if the backup tapes are corrupted or too old? Sometimes when you try to restore backup data that is too old, the data contains out-of-date passwords. Your system and your backup passwords no longer match – goodbye data!

What if the offsite storage facility you use to store your backups suffers the same disaster you did – the same flood, the same power outage? You might as well not have been backing up at all. Now that’s a scary thought!

What if the place where you store your backups is fine, safe, and disaster free – that’s good news! But what if you’re trying to retrieve your backups when your offsite safe place is closed? Disasters and outages do not respect normal working hours, they don’t only happen 9-5, Monday – Friday, and delays to resuming business as usual can cause irreparable loss to your company’s bottom line. You need to be able to access your data immediately!

What if your data backup is safe, but your team doesn’t know what to do with it? Let’s be honest, do you really perform disaster recovery tests? Disaster recover tests help ensure that you and your team can not only survive a catastrophe, but know how to. If you think it’s too costly or time consuming to perform these tests, don’t! Polleo Systems can perform cloud disaster recovery tests for you! We perform them outside of normal working hours so as not to disrupt your daily business, and we can demonstrate how quickly your business can resume normal operations in case of incident.

Can your business afford the what ifs?

At Polleo Systems, we can put an end to the what ifs.