Resolutions Your IT Department Should Keep All Year Long

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Going to the gym, cutting back on sugar, and saving money… these are the resolutions we make every year to reboot ourselves. Why should your business be any different? If you want to better your business, these are the resolutions your IT Department should be making all year long.

Stop wasting money on hardware you don’t need

Thanks to the cloud, you no longer need to spend mounds of cash on servers. With the use of cloud-based resources such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) there’s no need to purchase, upgrade, and replace on-site hardware. And with IaaS, you’ll spend less time maintaining your servers as they get old.

Stop wasting time doing mundane tasks

When you outsource to a Cloud Service Provider, the burdensome tasks of updates, security, and routine maintenance are handled by them. The time and resources your IT department will save can be better devoted to more proactive pursuits aimed at company growth. With the extra time and resources, your IT department will be able to focus on making sure your company stays cutting edge.

Make sure your disaster recovery plan is in place, up to date and effective

Because there are many unexpected events that can easily disable local IT infrastructure, it is crucial to seriously consider storing your data off-site. If an incident should occur, you must be able to recover data immediately and resume normal operations as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Cloud Disaster Recovery provides Cloud backup, computing storage, and safekeeping of copies of your company’s electronic records in a Cloud computing environment.

At Polleo Systems, we have a few resolutions of our own. We plan to continue our growth model and create new and innovative solutions to our partner’s business challenges to continually keep them ahead of the curve

And although we have grown and have clients in various markets and industries, we will never forget our roots helping small to medium businesses with an enterprise level solution meeting their needs both technically and personally.

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By Sara Dillard