Life Outside the Cloud

It seemed like a typical work day; you woke up, showered, had your coffee, and headed to the office.

But your cheerful mood was completely shattered as soon as you walked through the door. You found yourself utterly bewildered. Instead of an organized and efficient team, it was total chaos.

The Phones were ringing off the hook. The staff out in the field needed updated data and they needed it fast! The in-house team were frantically trying to send it to them as quickly as possible, but every time they sent a version of a spreadsheet, somebody would update it with new data and the version they sent, became obsolete. Then the updated spreadsheet had to be emailed again… and then again, and again. It was a tedious cycle. The staff were pulling out their hair in frustration, none of the reports were making any sense.

You could feel the anxiety creeping up your chest, and you needed an escape, a quiet place to take a breath, where you could try and wrap your head around the frenzied scene you just witnessed; you headed towards the break room.

To your horror, instead of the comfortable lounge you were expecting, you came upon a room filled with servers and an agitated IT staff. Everyone was shouting about backing up the data! There was a superstorm on the horizon and the staff were concerned that a power outage could wipe out the entire system, and without a disaster recovery plan in place, no one knew what to do!

Now you were sweating bullets; your entire business could be ruined. But even if it’s not ruined, you know it can’t go on like this: the constant emailing of multiple versions of spreadsheets, a whole room devoted to noisy, outdated hardware, a panicked IT staff worrying about backing up data… this is not how you want to do business. This is not what business in the cloud is like.

But then you woke up. It was all a nightmare, and you felt yourself breathing a sigh of relief. You already do business in the cloud.

In the cloud your staff has access to up-to-date data and reports that don’t have to be emailed back and forth. In the cloud aging servers don’t take up valuable office real estate. In the cloud your IT department focuses on innovative tasks that drive your business forward.

Don’t do business in a nightmare, do it in the cloud.