Save Resources in the Cloud

Are you considering purchasing or updating your file servers or desktop systems for your organization? Before making an expensive investment, you may want to consider the benefits of a cloud-based solution. 

Sometimes when thinking about purchasing new servers, desktops, operating systems, office productivity applications and related items; organizations consider renting their computing resources instead to avoid having to make large up front expenditures.  

Sure, you might be able to lease it all; but a capital lease is still going to put debt on your books, and at the end of the term you’ll have to decide whether to keep a bunch of past-its-prime equipment. And keep in mind that leasing doesn’t cover software and hardware upgrades – upgrades that may complicate things by altering the leased items specifications. 

Many organizations look towards solutions that allow them to step off the PC lifecycle treadmill; the computer equipment gets purchased, installed, maintained, upgraded, made obsolete and then replaced. It’s exhausting, and expensive.  

What if instead of purchasing or leasing, you could subscribe to computing resources with operating systems and office productivity applications included?  What if when you needed more disk space, or memory, or to upgrade to the next version it didn’t require someone to shut down your systems, swap hardware or reinstall anything?  What if your business applications and data were available to remotely authorized users – even from your iPad, iPhone or Android? What if all of that was backed up every day automatically? Imagine the relief this kind of scenario would give your IT staff. They would be able to focus on the ‘information’ part of their job rather than always fixing and updating outdated hardware? 

When all the costs are considered; a secure, cloud-based virtual server environment is less costly than buying systems that must be upgraded or disposed of in a few years. 

And what about that broken or lost laptop and the potential of lost data and productivity that comes along with it? Imagine being able to access the data immediately from any of your other devices. Not just a backup, but the entire user’s desktop and work environment! Even better, without critical or confidential business information being in the hands of someone else or lost forever; that’s capital you can never get back! 

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