How to Kickoff a Successful Cloud Solution

Step 1: Consultation

At Polleo Systems, our goal is to give your team an understanding of how the cloud and its moving parts can impact your day to day operations. It’s important to evaluate your current systems such as legacy applications, business processes, and over all security requirements to make sure your team is not only ready for cloud architecture, but setup for success in the long run.

Our solutions are not short term solutions; infrastructure is an integral part of an organization’s heartbeat and day to day operations. Polleo’s consultation process is an intro to the culture and operations of your organization for the betterment of each side. You’ll find our free intro evaluations are a great starting point to what we hope is a long-lasting partnership.

Step 2: Evaluation and Recommendations 

Creating a solid cloud solution starts with the evaluation of what’s currently in place at your organization, where you want to go, and what the realistic expectations of those goals are in building a partnership.

Our team combines over twenty years of experience and solution architecture to build out a customized solution to your team and the vision ahead. Solution implementations go beyond documentation and recommendations; we take a step further and educate the existing team on new system requirements, and create a proactive partnership revolving around your infrastructure and the processes in place.

Step 3: Data Migration to Virtual Environment 

Migration is the most critical part of the process when it comes to implementing a successful cloud solution. Polleo Systems will work side by side with your business and IT teams to ensure cutover is unnoticed and your end user doesn’t experience a ripple in their day to day operations.

The migration is not the result when partnering with Polleo; what sets us apart in the industry is taking that proactive approach and integrating it into our unmatched support process throughout the life of our partnership. Our local team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your systems are setup for success as you start your new journey in the cloud.