Thinking About Owning Your Own IT Equipment? Think Again.

cloud provider

Here’s a question, if you’re not in the IT business, why spend your valuable time and money buying and maintaining a complex computer system? A Cloud Provider  can offer computing solutions that align IT environments with business objectives.

Your business IT needs become customized, predictable, scalable and redundant virtual environments all without the investment in aging, clunky equipment that must be maintained.

If you’re considering investing in your own IT equipment, consider the following:

The costs of the equipment is not only what’s on the price tag. What the sticker isn’t showing you is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the total cost of using and maintaining that IT equipment over time.

When considering the TCO, remember to factor in the costs of years of technical support, maintenance, and the labor involved. Wouldn’t your business benefit from directing those resources to more proactive pursuits? 

In the cloud, automated software and security updates are taken care of for you, you no longer must worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself and risking missing important updates.

With cloud computing, you simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your bottom line, cutting out the high costs of hardware. 

Owning your own equipment can be expensive, unreliable, and difficult to maintain especially for small and medium businesses. Why own the equipment yourself when you end up having dollars tied up in aging hardware?

By relying on a reliable cloud provider like Polleo Systems for your computing needs, our team will define, create and implement the right cloud solutions for your growing business, and when the next best thing comes out, you’re ready to take advantage of it!