How to Find the Best Cloud for Your Business

discover the right cloud strategy for your business

By now, 70% of all organizations have at least one of their applications in the cloud. Odds are, you are a part of that mass migration to cloud computing. Even so, it might be time for a refresher and to ensure you have the right cloud strategy.

Are you using the right cloud?

Or should you be considering a multi cloud strategy like the 85% of businesses that already are?

Public Cloud

Mostly likely, you are already using the Public Cloud in some form or another because when we talk about the Public Cloud, we’re basically talking about the internet and storage.

In a public cloud, a user uploads a document to their account in Dropbox, or Google, or even Facebook. (Yes, even those photos in your Facebook summer vacation album are in Facebook’s cloud).

There are many advantages to using a public cloud. The cost is low, even free at times, and it’s an easy way to back up data. Hence its popularity with individuals and even some organizations.

But with the good, comes the bad; there can be security issues, loss and theft of data are possible outcomes. So, if your data is sensitive and subject to compliancy regulations, the public cloud probably isn’t for you.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud infrastructure being used solely by one customer or organization. Private clouds offer the highest level of security and control, but they can be expensive with usually the smallest room for scalability.

Due to the costs of private clouds, they are typically not the best option for small-to-medium sized businesses, but a must for large enterprises who need optimal firewalls for compliance.

Hybrid Cloud

As its name implies, a hybrid cloud strategy uses both private and public clouds.

Many small-to-medium sized businesses are choosing a hybrid cloud strategy; they may interact with their customers in a public cloud but securing their data in a private cloud.

A hybrid strategy provides great flexibility as it allows organizations to move their data between their public and private clouds when cost and scalability changes demand it.

Depending on your specific needs and the type of data that you’re managing, it is important to discover which type of cloud strategy is the best fit for your organization.

If you’re ready to explore your options and discover what the right cloud strategy can do for your business, contact our 24/7 team of cloud experts.

By Sara Dillard