Protect Your Data with a Cloud Recovery Solution

cloud recovery solution

Are you still backing your data up to tape? If the answer is yes, your business is taking a big risk. Why tempt fate when your vital business information can be protected with a cloud recovery solution?

3 Reasons It’s Time to Move Your Data to the Cloud

  1. Tapes have a delicate shelf life and can be impaired by environmental factors like heat, humidity and even magnetic interference.
  2. If your organization gets hit by a physical disaster, restoring a full system from tape is nearly impossible even if the tapes were successfully written at the time of your last backup.
  3. Accessing your data from tape is a slow and tedious process increasing the downtime. An Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research survey concluded that the average amount of a single hour of downtime can cost over $100,000. The longer you’re offline, the more business you potentially lose, and the more your reputation suffers.

Polleo Systems’ Cloud Replication Device (CRD) provides automation, continuity and peace of mind. With the CRD, your data is automatically backed up to the Cloud and your data is protected meaning that in case of any interference, your business is back up and running instantly.

5 Reasons You Should Protect Your Data with a Cloud Recovery Solution

  1. Trusting your data to our CRD reduces the time consuming and error-prone process of implementing a manual backup infrastructure
  2. In case your physical environment goes down, our CRD replicates the full image of your operating environment in the cloud leading to a quick recovery of your data.
  3. Our CRD maintains a local cache of backup data to speed recovery when needed. Getting your data back online, means you can get back to business quickly.
  4. Our cloud recovery and backup solution automatically pushes large amounts of information to a secure off-site data center, eliminating the human error, gaps and time it takes to manually backup data to tapes.
  5. Our support team is also available 24/7 to work around specific limitations and provide customizable solutions catered to your unique needs.

Polleo Systems’ cloud solutions allows small and medium-sized companies to focus on their business and not on IT solutions; eliminate the manual process of archiving and storing data with one simple device!

Are you ready to discover how Polleo Systems can protect and grow your business? Contact us today for more information about our custom cloud solutions.

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By Sara Dillard