3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants

benefits of cloud computing for accountants

For most of us, tax season only comes once a year, but for Accountants managing and analyzing financial data is an all year affair.

While outdated IT systems can hinder an accounting firm’s ability to work efficiently, a custom cloud solution can ensure Accountants have the tools they need to service their clients whenever they are needed by boosting productivity, increasing accessibility, and tightening security.

Boost Productivity

59% of SMBs using cloud computing report significant productivity benefits. Overloaded servers trying to handle ever increasing volumes of data and users become slower and less reliable as time goes on. In the cloud, software upgrades are done automatically, thereby streamlining processes and reducing IT support costs. And employees who were responsible for managing the backups and data storage can focus on service and more innovative ways to move the business forward. Research carried out by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reported that “74% of businesses feel like cloud computing has given them a competitive edge”.

Increase Accessibility

With a custom cloud solution, management of data becomes more simplified. Having Desktop-as-a-Service means that clients have access to their files and can prepare and share their tax statements leading to improved transparency which fosters trust and can enhance customer service.

Tighten Security

Moving to the cloud ensures the protection and integrity of clients’ data by minimizing the possibility of data loss. “94% of SMBs have experienced security benefits in the cloud that they didn’t have with their on-premises service.” A cloud backup solution not only safeguards vital business information, but ensures your back to business quickly in the event of any downtime.


The benefits of cloud computing are endless. Switching to the cloud can reduce the burden of managing data, streamline processes, and provide peace of mind with business continuity and disaster recovery options.

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by Sara Dillard