Should You Replace Your Server with Cloud Computing?

replace servers with cloud computing

As a cloud solutions provider, one of the questions we’re asked most is, “should I replace my server with the cloud?” Of course, our immediate answer is “yes“, but then we like to sit down for a chat and explain why:

First of all, let’s talk about flexibility. Cloud computing moves with your business and is there to support your growth. The cloud offers unlimited storage space and can scale up or down depending on your current needs. This scalability provides the flexibility for your business to grow whereas traditional servers have limited capacity – when you’re out of space, you’re out.

Also, the cloud encourages productivity. Not only does the additional storage space of the cloud result in better computing power resulting in your applications performing faster, but the cloud frees up your IT department. With Polleo Systems cloud hosting, we take care of all of the necessary hardware, ensure proper security measures are in place, and keep your applications running smoothly so your IT department doesn’t have to.

But you know what doesn’t keep applications running smoothly? Traditional servers. Servers’ limited capacity and susceptibility to downtime results in inconsistency which means the productivity of organizations using traditional servers are more apt to suffer. The decreased likelihood of downtime in the cloud leads to improved performance and increased profits. And since your IT department is focused on the mundane tasks of regularly monitoring and maintaining, and upgrading the hardware, they’re free to pursue more proactive pursuits that will drive your business forward.

Finally, the cloud is more cost effective than traditional servers. Remember when we talked about that flexibility? That flexibility means you only pay for what you use. So, when your traffic is up, the cloud has your back, but during your slower periods, you’re not paying for space that you’re not using. Traditional Servers need to be purchased and even if you don’t use them at full capacity, you’re still are paying for them like you are. And don’t forget, your hardware will age, and as it does, its value will depreciate year after year

So yeah, we do think you should replace your server with the cloud. But don’t just take our word for it, according to Gartner, companies that use the cloud have an 18% average increase in process efficiency, have a 15% reduction in IT spending, and grow 19% faster than their competitors.

Your business IT needs to customized, predictable, scalable, and cost-effective. Contact Polleo Systems today, and let’s chat about how we can get you there.

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By Sara Dillard