What is the Cloud?

what is the cloud

What is the Cloud? According to its definition it’s, “a communications network; the word “cloud” often refers to the Internet, and more precisely to some datacenter full of servers that is connected to the Internet.

benefits of cloud computing

Still confused? We don’t blame you. The concept of “the cloud” can be difficult to grasp.


First things first, the cloud is definitely not a cloud, but rather a network of servers, lots and lots of servers, each having their own function storing and delivering data. So instead of storing data locally on your computer, the cloud is the software that you access on the internet via a web browser or a mobile app.

This means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the information or data no matter where you are and collaborate on the same file or document with colleagues no matter where they are. That’s one amazing benefit right there, here are a few more:

The Benefits of the Cloud

Since the cloud stores the data for you, your business does not need to purchase expensive servers for storage, or even expensive computers. If you access your data via the cloud, there’s no need for a big hard drive. Your information lives online where your cloud services provider, keeps it secure.

Besides saving you money in hardware costs, the cloud can save your company money in case of downtime. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research reports that 98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. Can your business afford that?

Polleo Systems’ Cloud Replication Device provides business continuity and peace of mind. In the cloud, your data is automatically backed up and your data is protected so in case of any downtime, your business is back up and running instantly.

And you may not think that cloud computing is eco-friendly, but it is. Being in the cloud means that fewer servers are being used, and by switching your IT operations to a cloud services provider, you’re lowering your electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

And finally, the cloud grows with you; its resource allocation can get bigger or smaller depending on demand. This elasticity enables scalability, which means that the cloud can scale up during your busy peaks and scale down, when you need it to. The cloud is flexible and works with your business, just like we do.

Are you ready to experience the benefits the cloud can bring to your business? Contact Polleo Systems today, and let us move your business forward, beyond the cloud.

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by Sara Dillard