Cloud computing provides business continuity and scalability to keep data-intensive applications running

The Client

AddressTwo offers an online customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Since its adoption in the CRM market, AddressTwo has grown to more than 5,000 clients utilizing the online service to communicate with prospects and customers, and manage projects.

The Challenge

AddressTwo employed basic cloud computing services by a vendor that offered virtual server space with no additional support or a roadmap on accommodating future growth. This basic service posed a challenge because AddressTwo’s growth quickly outpaced their cloud environment and caused issues with processing speed. Small business owner clients grew impatient when AddressTwo’s server slowed to a crawl during peak usage.

Many of AddressTwo’s major customers considered canceling their accounts if AddressTwo couldn’t fix the problem. AddressTwo knew they needed a cloud service provider who could take them beyond basic cloud computing and provide a solution that included a comprehensive data continuity plan and improved processing speed.

Polleo’s Solution

Cloud computing should allow for quick and easy allocation of resources in an environment where overloading is never a concern as long as the system is managed properly. Unfortunately this was not what Nick Carter, owner of AddressTwo, experienced with his former provider, so he switched to Polleo Systems.

“We chose Polleo Systems because they make data continuity a no-brainer, and we knew they were going to be able to give us real, honest advice about our server setup.”

Aside from enhanced cloud services, Polleo Systems understood how important it was to keep the stress and downtime to a minimum during the server migration. Weeks before the transition date, Polleo performed a backup and duplicated AddressTwo’s existing server, including all of its settings, configurations and applications. This allowed AddressTwo the time needed to test the new system. Once approved, Polleo performed final data synchronization before pushing AddressTwo’s new platform live.

The Results

The benefits of moving to the new virtual server were immediate and unmistakable. Server performance improved and speed issues disappeared. In addition, AddressTwo learned the former slowdowns were related to the data center. Since the switch to Polleo, backup is a constant, automatic process. AddressTwo is also saving 20 percent of their previous hosting cost because they don’t need to outsource their cloud backup to another company.

“We got what we wanted from Polleo. They definitely don’t just rent us a box – they’re a true technology partner.” – Nick Carter