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Protect Your Data with a Cloud Recovery Solution

Oct 10
Are you still backing your data up to tape? If the answer is yes, your business is taking a big risk. Why tempt fate when your vital business information can be protected with a cloud recovery solution? 3 Reasons It’s Time to Move Your Data to the Cloud Tapes have
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Looking for a Cloud Solutions Expert?

Sep 21
When you work with Polleo, you’re working with a team of experts. The Cloud is everywhere; cloud computing is an essential ingredient to conducting business today. How do you rein in the cloud that is best for you? You need a cloud solutions expert. Welcome to Polleo Systems, a better
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7 Steps to Support Your Growing Business

Aug 03
If you’re like 72% of small business decision makers, then you already know that to grow your business, you need your technology working for you. Having the right cloud solution can help you achieve your business goals and support its growth. Our cloud solutions apply a consultative approach focusing on
discover the right cloud strategy for your business

How to Find the Best Cloud for Your Business

Jun 29
By now, 70% of all organizations have at least one of their applications in the cloud. Odds are, you are a part of that mass migration to cloud computing. Even so, it might be time for a refresher and to ensure you have the right cloud strategy. Are you using the
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Protect Your Data With a Plan

Jun 07
In today’s online world, cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent but you can protect your data and your business with cloud disaster recovery. In 2015, 50% of small and medium sized businesses were breached.  When you consider that last year, IDG detected 38 percent more cybersecurity incidents than the year
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How to Develop Your Disaster Recovery Plan

May 24
One of the greatest benefits of the cloud is its Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity functions. In the case of an incident or an outage, losing access to your organization’s data can have negative financial and reputational effects on your business. Cloud Disaster Recovery provides seamless recovery in a crisis,
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Thinking About Owning Your Own IT Equipment? Think Again.

Apr 26
Here’s a question, if you’re not in the IT business, why spend your valuable time and money buying and maintaining a complex computer system? A Cloud Provider  can offer computing solutions that align IT environments with business objectives. Your business IT needs become customized, predictable, scalable and redundant virtual environments

How to Kickoff a Successful Cloud Solution

Apr 11
Step 1: Consultation At Polleo Systems, our goal is to give your team an understanding of how the cloud and its moving parts can impact your day to day operations. It’s important to evaluate your current systems such as legacy applications, business processes, and over all security requirements to make

Save Resources in the Cloud

Feb 28
Are you considering purchasing or updating your file servers or desktop systems for your organization? Before making an expensive investment, you may want to consider the benefits of a cloud-based solution.  Sometimes when thinking about purchasing new servers, desktops, operating systems, office productivity applications and related items; organizations consider renting

Life Outside the Cloud

Feb 09
It seemed like a typical work day; you woke up, showered, had your coffee, and headed to the office. But your cheerful mood was completely shattered as soon as you walked through the door. You found yourself utterly bewildered. Instead of an organized and efficient team, it was total chaos.