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It All Started in the Cloud

Sit back and picture this, you’re sitting at your desk and start thinking about what’s for dinner tonight. You realize

Goodbye Cloud Myths, Hello Cloud Facts

Like many evolving technologies, the cloud continues to be something of an enigma for a lot of people and often

When IT Goes on Vacation, Will You Be Running in the Cloud?

Now that you have chosen the right partner for your Cloud needs, it’s time for your IT department to take a

Choosing the Right Cloud Partner

What to do, what to do… you have a business with data growing by the day and you know that

disaster recovery cloud computing

Storms Are Coming

Picture this, you are the owner of a small business, you’ve worked hard building it, dedicating years and years of

Lean Manufacturing and the Value of the Cloud

Manufacturers who are under constant pressure to improve accuracy, ease communications, simplify processes and reduce cost look skyward to the

Moving to the Cloud is Easy as 1….2….3

Have you ever had a conversation with an IT professional that goes something like this? You: “I need to do

Revved Up Retail

The retail game is changing faster than a Black Friday crowd storming down an aisle.  Historically, the Retail world has

Polleo Partner Program

“Polleo Systems will always invest in our clients’ success and ensure our cloud solutions support their growth.” -Talbott Sumners, President

The Cloud Goes to School-The Connected Student

Do you remember your first day of school?  There was something magical about the smell of new crayons, a fresh