Polleo’s Cloud Solution Scales with Rapidly Growing Accounting Firm

Foster Results provides outsourced accounting and bookkeeping solutions to businesses and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

The Challenge

Foster Results was growing rapidly and reached a point where they were purchasing servers faster than they could maintain them. In addition, one of the employees was spending most of her time trying to solve IT issues and not efficiently supporting Foster’s accounting clients.

“We always tell our clients to focus on what they are really good at and let us do the accounting. It was time for my company to apply the same advice,” said Jennifer Foster, President. “We clearly realized that we needed to focus our time on accounting and not on dealing with IT issues. That’s when we called Polleo.”

Polleo’s Solution

Instead of increasing the number of physical servers, Polleo knew the right solution was to move Foster Results’ servers and their proprietary client accounting application to the cloud. Polleo also knew they needed to provide an infrastructure that consolidated IT assets, reduced the burden on employees serving as IT resources and create greater efficiencies. Everything from dealing with licenses to updating software and troubleshooting day-to-day issues was left in Polleo’s hands.

“One of the biggest things I have gained by using Polleo’s services is productivity,” said Foster. “I had one person who spent most of her time dealing with IT issues. She now has more time to conduct work that is billable to our clients.”

The Results

Foster Results can fully focus on its rapidly growing business, rather than on IT issues. The servers and applications are virtualized in the cloud, which allows Foster Results to rapidly scale up or down depending on growth. Their clients are also able to securely access files and data from anywhere. As a result, Foster Results is able to generate more revenue rather than spending time troubleshooting their IT challenges.

“As our company has grown our needs have grown, and I am confident that as we continue to add clients, Polleo will scale with us. I don’t need to worry about the fact that if we add new clients I need to shop for a new server or buy new hardware to handle greater volumes of data. With Polleo I simply tell them it’s time to add a new server and it’s done.” – Jennifer Foster