Moore Title & Escrow

Business Prevails Catastrophic Event With Virtual Servers

The Challenge

The nature of the title insurance and escrow closing business followed a process of keeping paper files with mortgage documents, deeds and other important information. As a result, Moore Title accumulated mountains of old paper files. All this paper took up space and made it difficult to look up information. They were also uncertain about the safety of these files in the event of a catastrophic event. In fact, they built a fireproof vault to store their documents. Moore Title also had a few servers storing digital files. These servers were aging and unreliable, and their backup plan allowed for too much human error.

Additionally, Moore Title & Escrow needed a better way to pass data between their three office locations in Central Indiana. Data sharing was essential because the offices shared applications like QuickBooks. Unfortunately, there was no easy way for Moore Title’s employees to share the files.

“We knew moving to the cloud was essential in our line of work because we heard from other title and escrow professionals who benefited by moving on the cloud,” stated Dick Moore, owner. “We knew we wanted to get rid of our paper files, but we knew that if our onsite servers went down, we were dead in the water. So we called Polleo.”

Polleo’s Solution

Polleo Systems offered Moore Title & Escrow a cloud backup solution to safeguard all of their title insurance and escrow documents. The backup also addressed the unknown if they experienced server failure or major catastrophic disaster. Polleo immediately began the process of migrating files and applications on the cloud to ensure data continuity during implementation process.

Virtual server solution prevails


A few days before the expected transition to the cloud, Moore Title & Escrow realized years of data had disappeared. Copies still existed, but they could only be accessed from the county courthouse, making retrieving them time-consuming and inconvenient—something their business couldn’t afford. Luckily, Moore Title remembered that Polleo Systems had been backing up their system in preparation for their migration. Within a few hours, they were able to restore the data to within one day of the loss. A few days later, they made the full transition to the cloud—complete with automatic backups.


On November 17, 2013 a deadly tornado producing damaging straight-line winds gutted Moore Title & Escrow’s office. Mike Moore, IT manager, took everything he could possibly recover out of the wreckage. After setting up a makeshift office location out of the owners’ home, Mike was able to retrieve all of their data and applications. Two days later, they were able to complete a client’s closing.

The Results

Moore Title never has to worry about losing their data again. They persevered through two major production challenges and avoided loss in valuable data. The results are invaluable and they continue to look to Polleo to provide the best solutions that fit the growth of their business.

About Polleo Systems

Polleo Systems is a cloud computing services provider experienced in designing IT solutions that align computing infrastructure with organizational objectives. The team’s knowledge of business and technology makes the firm an ideal partner for helping organizations move along the cloud services spectrum from automated data backup to server virtualization to completely cloud-based desktop environments. Polleo provides highly customized, predictable, scalable and redundant virtual environments that help businesses grow.