Cloud Computing Solution Enables Delivery And Logistics Company To Become More Flexible And Scalable

NOW Courier is a Midwest company providing vital delivery and logistics services to all sectors of the business world, from small local companies to large international corporations.

The Challenge

NOW Courier was founded in Indianapolis in 1986 to serve the on-demand delivery market in the areas of printing, legal, manufacturing, financial and medical deliveries. Today the company has expanded to eight Midwest locations and serves the need for on-demand and pre-scheduled deliveries. The company’s rapid expansion supporting 600 plus drivers and an estimated 3 million or more deliveries per year exposed the need to improve their communication processes and IT infrastructure.

The days of two-way radios, handwritten order cards and maps served a purpose, but NOW Courier had a desperate need to keep pace with driver and customer communication, billing, and integrated systems. They also owned all of their servers in house and were backing up their data on tape. This meant all seven locations and their drivers were taken offline if the Indianapolis location lost connectivity or if a server crashed.

Polleo’s Solution

Polleo Systems highly recommended NOW Courier make a switch from in-house server infrastructure to a fully hosted, scalable virtual server environment solution to support all eight of the locations. This solution also eliminated the unpredictable method of manually storing and backing up their data on a tape.

Polleo also knew NOW Courier needed personalized consultation to find the best business strategy to support technology upgrades and the growing demands for client logistics and delivery needs.

Polleo provided NOW with software selection studies and supported a Voice over IP (VoIP) implementation that greatly improved overall communications. The VoIP implementation placed all eight offices on a single phone system rather than each office managing their own phone service with multiple providers. The VoIP provides one single package for the eight locations at a much lower cost.

In addition, Polleo ensured technology upgrades supported real time driver and data delivery status, including signature confirmation. Polleo also implemented dedicated helpdesk support and still often is found working directly with NOW’s customers to streamline integrations and order processes.

The Result

Polleo Systems implemented a cloud-based backup, storage and computing environment that scales with NOW Courier’s growing market. The cumbersome, manual process of storing and managing data on tapes has been replaced with layers of redundancy to safeguard data. The cloud implementation saves NOW Courier approximately $35,000 – $45,000 every 3 years, provides flexibility as they grow in employee count in all branches and eliminates a single point of connection failure. NOW Courier also receives dedicated support for technology upgrades, driver and client communication, and 24/7 helpdesk support. Delivery and order processes are fast, efficient and in real time.

“There’s never been a day when we doubted Polleo. NOW Courier would not be where it is today without the help from Polleo.” – Ryan Schwalbach, NOW Courier President