Sun Tan City

Scaling business operations allows for dynamic expansion without capital expense

The Client

Sun Tan City is a full-service tanning salon providing customers with a destination for relaxation and tranquility.

The Challenge

Sun Tan City, the fastest growing chain of sun tanning salons in America, grew from 15 salons to more than 200 in less than 10 years. Unfortunately, the company did not have an IT infrastructure in place to accommodate the company’s rapid expansion. Their servers experienced periodic system failures and their Exchange servers struggled to keep up with more than 300 company email addresses. The company outgrew their server capacity and was faced with $300,000 in potential costs to obtain additional servers to support their growth, as well as the employees to maintain them.

Polleo’s Solution

Polleo Systems stepped in to help Sun Tan City by designing and implementing a scalable virtual server environment that would grow with their rapidly expanding business. Adding additional capacity in the future became as easy as making a phone call. The cloud provided Sun Tan City infinite room to expand with no increase in capital cost. The financial burden of purchasing additional servers, and hiring additional employees to maintain them, was averted.

The cloud was also the solution for Sun Tan City’s email challenges. Polleo gave the company additional tools and processes for saving and storing email, including spam control and junk filtering.

The Result

Polleo saved Sun Tan City nearly $225,000 during their first three years in the cloud environment. In addition, the outsourced management of the cloud allows internal IT resources to focus on strategy and growth instead of server maintenance.

Polleo’s cloud-based backup, storage and computing environment also scales with Sun Tan City’s rapidly expanding business. Polleo now supports nearly 250 salons and more than 1,000 email addresses.

“Polleo Systems is one of our biggest IT partners. They’ve laid a great foundation for us and continue to support our rapid expansion.” – Bill Kent, chief information officer at Sun Tan City.